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Wednesday, August 10, 2016 Derek Macpherson

MQR Site Visit: Start Small and Think Big

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Last week we had the opportunity to visit Monarques Gold Corp’s (TSXV:MQR, C$0.47) Croinor gold project and the Beacon Mill near Val d’Or, Quebec. Our key takeaways’ were that while the geology could be challenging as demonstrated by past operations, Monarques has the benefit of that experience and is taking a systematic approach to evaluate the current resource and historical data to develop increased confidence for mining. As well, the company plans to identify new potential resource areas both along strike within the diorite intrusive, the traditional host of mineralization, and at the Gold Bug target which appears to be hosted in a quartz porphyry intrusion. Finally, our visit to the Beacon mill suggests that the mill is in good condition, is well bought as suggested in our previous post, and that the estimated C$2-3 million required to restart the mill is reasonable.
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Sunday, August 07, 2016 Derek Macpherson

RDS Site Visit: Looking for a New Mine at an Old Address

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Last week we had the opportunity to visit Radisson Mining Resources’ (TSXV:RDS, C$0.16) O’Brien project. Our key takeaway is that the path forward is key to determining the magnitude of Radisson’s potential. We knew that the property had previously produced a meaningful amount of gold, at high grades (15.25 g/t) and that Radisson has defined a small new resource; however, there is only a limited understanding of the geologic factors that result in economic mineralization. To address that, Radisson is looking to drill another 10,000 m this year and digitize the vast amount of historic data that the company has on site. As has been the case with other past-producing properties in the Abitibi, this combination of desktop exploration and drilling could yield a significant discovery. This is of particular interest since both historic and recent drilling has identified gold in the sediments (Pontiac group) versus the volcanics (Piché group) where the current resource and historic mining occurred. In our view, this next phase of work is critical because if Radisson can determine why gold occurs in the sediments it may lead to a significant discovery.
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Wednesday, August 03, 2016 Derek Macpherson

Site Visit: Not Your Typical Tour, but that's not ICG’s Style

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Integra Gold Corp (TSXV:ICG) hosted a site visit on August 3rd, that while not typical, was very informative. This was my 4th visit to the site and while the tour highlighted the project's merits, which we have previously written about, our key takeaways relate to the soft issues. Our key takeaways are 1) strong investor support, 2) strong community support and 3) a high level of employee engagement. In our view, all three are important to support the company's current valuation, which is at least partially reflecting the planned resource update and updated PEA expected later this year.
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